Cayman's Coconut Factory
All  Natural,   Local,   Hand-Crafted
Coconut  Oil  Skin  Care  Product​s & Accessories
Grand Cayman Island
All Natural Cayman Coconut Oil
Our coconuts are collected all over the island from many generous participants.  Our mission is to rescue these coconuts from being wasted or thrown in the trash.
Join our "We Want Your Nuts" coconut collection program.
Our Coconut oil is virgin heat extracted (215F) in Cayman traditional fashion. This produces the highest level of natural, skin rejuvenating antioxidants while retaining vital nutrients.
This local coconut oil is transformed into all natural, chemical free, toxin free, preservative free, hypoallergic skin and personal care products for every skin type.
Thank Youx for going Couxcoux Toux.
oily skin & acne
combination skin
damage & aging
personal care
dry skin & maturing
Coconut Accessories