The Couxcoux “HOW TOUX”:

Applying soap free cleansers & facial or body oils is very similar to conventional cleansing & moisturizing routines.

All the following processes apply to body parts as well as the face. The shins, thighs, forearms, upper arms, and feet deserve attention too.

First: Get wet ….

Warm water softens skin, loosens dirt & grime, melts hardened oils & opens pores. So ….splash, rinse or soak. Just NO SOAP or alcohol!!!! And … this is the point where you can start thinking about the quality of your tap water.

Once rinsing or soaking occurs “your day” can be more easily wiped away without tugging and pulling on tissues.

Second: Cleanse ….

Using our “no soap” process is exactly the same as using soap except you want your skin “less wet”, damp or moist instead of really wet.

Then apply the Cleanse & Tone product as shown below.

Spray Couxcoux Cleanse & Tone liberally directly on the face and rub in for 90 seconds. This process is easiest for those with acne applying Cleanse & Tone multiple times a day. You can also liberally spray your palms then pat Cleanse & Tone onto the face to avoid smearing eye makeup.

Then wipe away excess with a dry cloth.

Spray Couxcoux Cleanse & Tone liberally to a disposable or washable makeup wipe and stroke face upwards and outwards. Repeat as necessary depending on how dirty the wipe gets. I love to see the dirt come off onto the wipe.

Last: Moisturize ….

Add 3 to 4 drops of serum to the palm of your hand. Use a fingertip to “spot” moisturize an area. Repeat this process until all areas have received serum. OR Add 3 to 4 drops of serum to one palm, rub palms together and apply to the entire face at once. This method is easiest and works best, giving you a chance to really massage the serum into all the tissues stimulating oxygen fresh blood flow to damaged areas which really encourages repair and detox. 

Add 6 to 9 drops of serum to a disposable or washable makeup wipe and stroke entire face upward & outward. Again, I love this process as the wipe STILL gets dirty so you can see how oils continue to cleanse by releasing trapped particles that water, soap and Cleanse & Tone product can’t reach.

Using either moisturizing method twice you can easily remove all makeup with any Couxcoux Serum. The first application will remove makeup , second application will moisturize and remove further makeup.

After 90 seconds of massage the skin will have absorbed about all the nutrients and hydration it can. Now is the point where you examine yourself and wipe away any excess oil with a dry cloth. Only over-applied serum, or certain areas of the face will not need as much serum so, after about 90 seconds, excess serum will still be sitting on the surface of the skin. The excess serum can cause congestion and looks shiny so …. simply wipe it away.

Ta Da!!! a beautiful, soft, clean, radiant you has arrived …. Go ahead …. touch it!! Incredible right!!??

Super safe, super simple, super sustainable …. super effective.

Thank you for going Couxcoux Toux!