Everything in nature is a chemical but many man-made chemicals can be super harmful to the body …. inside & out.

Couxcoux Oil uses all natural, whole food based ingredients ONLY to create total, all natural, beauty and personal care products for a regime free from dangerous dyes, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, toxins and ALL synthetic chemicals found in conventional & traditional products used today.

​There is an all natural CouxCoux alternative to any conventional skin & personal care product you’re using now

​​Couxcoux all natural products are just as effective as any conventional or traditional product choice, especially considering emerging science on the serious & chronic damage synthetic chemicals likely contribute to.

So …. why not …. give it a go!

From cleansers, moisturizers, facial masks and scrubs to deodorants, toothpaste, repellents and shaving salve. You’ll not worry again. Couxcoux Oil’s all natural, chemical free, pure product guarantee is all you need in today’s chemically saturated world.


Our coconut oil comes from fresh, hand picked, hand shredded coconuts. We require sustainable & traditional wet milling practices to ferment the oil creating our Couxcoux Coconut oil based skin care products and personal grooming products.

Emerging science is once again proving that fermented coconut oil, traditionally wet milled, applying short term low heat, produces the highest quality, antioxidant rich Coconut Oil for the skin.

We use local Cayman coconuts to traditionally hand craft our coconut flour along with our raw coconut “nut” shell and fiber husk material.

Naturally Sourced Baking Soda

Baking soda is natures best cure all and clean all. But not all baking sodas are created equally.

Baking soda exists in nature in it’s raw form called Nahcolite. Nahcolite is mined straight from mother earth. A simple water process is used to produce the purest natural form of baking soda.

This Nahcolite, combined with a Couxcoux Coconut oil SERUM transforms into the best “all in one” cleanser, moisturizer & exfoliator there is for any skin type, including those with extreme sensitivities. Couxcoux Oil  “3-WAY”, used daily to once weekly, promises healthy, radiant, youthful, clean, exfoliated, & moisturized skin.

This Nahcolite, combined with our Couxcoux Hair Blend essential oils, absorbs excess oil, build up and dirt from the scalp and hair shaft resulting clean, shiny, purified all natural hair.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

(our formula replaces soap …. yes!! …. really!!)

Apple cider vinegar is raw, fermented, unpasturized, unfiltered ‘juice’ from organic apples. Called the “Mother of Vinegar”, it is rich in malic, lactic and citric acids in addition to vital mineral salts, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. ACV is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral, substantially reducing all manner of unhelpful to dangerous microbes, including yeast, without harming natural tissue when properly diluted.

The inside of our healthy bodies needs an alkaline condition but the outside organ, the SKIN, is slightly acidic.

The protective barrier against the outside world coating our skin, our naturally excreted oil and water (sweat), is called the acid mantle. Imagine it as a very thin, pliable, form fitting body suit. The pH balance of this acid mantle is around 4.5. Organic Apple cider vinegar is the ingredient needed to restore this pH level.

Almost ALL of our exterior environment, including water and traditional products like soap is very alkaline.

When the acid mantle is diluted, removed, or thinned by this exterior environment, including just rinsing with water, we are vulnerable to infection, virus, fungus and dangerous synthetic substances. This condition, over time, especially when combining & accumulating applied or ingested toxic chemicals, often leads to puffy, red, dehydrated, flaky rashes and sometimes, eventually, chronic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Couxcoux Cleanse & Tone sprays: a correctly prepared combination of  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Couxcoux Coconut Oil, Nutritious, vitamin rich Teas, and Essential Oils IS natures best cleanser, restoring pH balance while cleansing away dirt and microbes, so the skin (acid mantle) is free from clogging debris while maintaining natural oil and water ratios, establishing a healthy, nourished, functioning, balanced organ.

For use in everyone’s home in the bathroom (yes really!!) and shower, at the make-up table, and even in the kitchen. Check out this experiment from 1997 that basically states: flowing tap water or diluted vinegar sanitize surfaces more effectively than commercial QUAT (ammonia based) sanitizing cleaners.

Essential Oils

The natural to organic essential oils used in Couxcoux Oil products are carefully and specially selected for maximum beauty benefits, safety and probable allergenic considerations for each separate and special skin type. All our essential oils are checked and vetted for purity. All are steam distilled. All are organic or from regions that practice safe methods but do not hold organic certification …. yet.
Our dilution levels are ideal for pre-teens, teens ,women and men offering maximum performance for daily skin care and personal grooming routines. Our products are likely safe for infants, toddlers and children. Our sunscreen and Cayman Only  Collection, including purify & hydrate do not contain essential oils so are definitely safe for babies.
Couxcoux Oil uses clary sage, carrot seed, frankincense, geranium, lavender, myrrh, patchouli, peppermint, raspberry seed, rosehip, tea tree, and vetiver essential oils.
Castor oil and hemp seed carrier oil are also used.
Essential oils are not intended for internal use. As with all products new to you, do a test area on your inner elbow before applying fully to check if it’s safe for YOU! When in doubt, always check with your doctor. Preferably your certified naturopathetic doctor.