The Difference between DRY skin & DEHYDRATED skin!

There’s a difference between DRY skin & DEHYDRATED skin. The causes of these conditions can be different too. The causes, while often toxin, sensitivity or lifestyle based, have a huge range. Basically DRY skin lacks water and dehydrated skin lacks oil.

Even so …. no matter the lacking nutrient & no matter the cause …. the “CURE” is often the same so …..


Preferably with our food based, pH balancing, nutrient rich, mild astringent like Couxcoux Cleanse & Tone.Exfoliate!!!! Dead skin will clog pores and suffocate fresh new skin while soaking up the needed oil & water that fresh, new skin needs!

And Exfoliate!!!

Using Couxcoux 3-Way facial exfoliator gently exposes new, fresh skin and protects it.

And Moisturize!!!

Preferably with Couxcoux Salve on DAMP skin!! Our highly concentrated, oil based salves are high in antioxidants, nutrients and necessary fatty acids required to smooth & soften skin while creating an effective barrier against dehydrating sun, wind, air pollution, and air conditioning!

Thank Youx for going Couxcoux Toux!!

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