sensitive skin, STRESS, anxiety, DEPRESSION, fatigue, THYROID PROBLEMS, early hormone imbalances, DERMATITIS, tired appearance, FOOD SENSITIVITY, insomnia, WEIGHT GAIN, infertility, ADHD, irritable bowel, DRY SKIN??

Could it be accidental overdose of chemicals wearing your body out!!!

“The view is weakening that GENETICS predestines anyone to most diseases AND Environmental factors may act YEARS before a clinical disease becomes apparent.”

It’s simple: the more you “use” something:

like your SKIN, gut, intestines, liver, kidneys, thyroid, pancreas, pituitary, hypothalamus, reproductive glands, lungs etc. …. to separate and remove, then excrete, any foreign matter, like poisons and most synthetic compounds ….

….. the faster that “something” will look, feel and behave “used”!!!!

Many chemicals in the things we eat, apply, breath, touch and wear today are slightly toxic although tested for “safe” ingestion or concentration levels.

BUT ….. just because it’s a “tested” doesn’t mean your body doesn’t react to it. Often it’s just not a huge, obvious or serious reaction but your body reacts to ALL foreign substances. Even in infinitesimal amounts, the body works hard to excrete all substances it can’t understand, or store them in the body fat if it can’t be excreted. That’s WHY we accumulate stubborn body fat. It’s not age. It’s not ALL about exercise and diet. It’s just gunk we’ve been in contact with over the last 35 to 50 years.


In our first world it’s impossible to NOT be experiencing too many of these toxins at likely over minimum toxic exposure levels. They are quite literally, IN EVERYTHING!!!! And we use them everyday, WAAAAAY more than once!!!

When you look at any label (food, drink, skin product, cleaning product) and you can’t pronounce an ingredient ….. That’s probably a synthetic, man-made compound (extracted from organic sources OR NOT, it’s still not how the body would experience it in nature) and the body WILL try, on some level, to separate out and excrete it.

That chemical, and similar chemicals, are in your body wash and shampoo and conditioner and hair gel and shaving gel and moisturizer and foundation and lipstick and eyeliner and perfume/after shave and deodorant and toothpaste and laundry soap and dryer sheet and dish soap and hand sanitizer and synthetic clothing and breakfast sandwich and coffee creamer and sweetener and traffic pollution and so on …..

When the body is busy fighting these first world “add-ons”, it’s NOT as effective at repairing the organic things we can’t easily and completely control in our daily environment, try as we might …. (usually by using more chemical compounds). Things like: SUNLIGHT, BUG BITES, INJURY, ACTUAL STRESS, MOLD ….  A COLD, etc!!


You can get tested to see if chemicals are causing your skin problems or illness.

BUT!!! ….

chemicals are connected to various endocrine, autoimmune and tissue/organ dysfunctions like cancer, IBS, ALS, MS, chronic fatigue, restless leg, lupus, leaky gut, food intolerance, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, thyroid/pancreas issues, hormone dysfunction, infertility, autism and on and on ….

SO …… Just start by LIMITING your exposure as much as you can by:

1) Switch to effective, chemical free, beauty care and personal grooming products like all COUXCOUX Oil products,

2) Switch to organic and natural, unprocessed food.

3) Switch to plant based, eco-friendly house cleaners (I don’t see many that don’t have some version of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in them …. sigh!!) I stick with baking soda and vinegar …. even for clothes washing, along with a homemade dryer sheets made with vinegar and essential oils.

4) Avoid synthetic, conventional fragrances in perfume, candles, and room deodorizers. I know they’re pretty, and smell nice but ….. they are at the VERY top of the VERY long toxic list as some of the worst inhaled and topical offenders.

5) Get a good water filter: including on your shower – chlorine & flouride are two of the most common toxic substances known for people and animals. We ALL inhale it during swimming, hot showers and hot baths.)

This can seem daunting but ……. like any lifestyle change:

Time, practice and persistence are always key.

Thank Youx for going Couxcoux Toux!