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Understanding Anti-Aging Skin Care Chemicals!

…. Do you need them?

…. When to start?

…. How often to use them?

Most of us are super concerned with delaying the symptoms of aging.

From sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, marks & scarring and lost elasticity to that plumpness of the youthful glow.

What we’re talking about in this article is:

Minor skin trauma to stimulate the immune system & healing activity that results in a more youthful appearance.

Do you need a dermatologist and specialized equipment for this??!!



As always, I use the analogy of cleaning your house once a year vs once a week …. At the end of a dirty year you are going to need a team of professionals with specialized equipment to get the job done!!

The key to delayed ageing is:


I’ve never had a professional chemical peel (exfoliation). I think I look great!!

I think it’s because I actually “chemical” peel all the time, using various food based exfoliators & stimulators regularly.

There’s quite literally 100’s of natural peelers, stimulators & exfoliators.

They’re called food!! I believe it’s time to rediscover most of them and ….

Take back the POWER to heal & rejuvenate ourselves, looking healthier & younger in the process!

We can save our environment from the 100’s of ruinous factories associated with producing, bottling & transporting these chemical “beauty” products, nurture ourselves with alive substances our body can recognize, and live in a healthier way knowing that what we’ve “Put On” is not only effective skin care but truly safe …. for us, those around us, and the earth!

Recent studies have shown that the effects of food based natural skin care regiments are considered:

EQUAL to industrially processed chemical and enzyme ingredients in contemporary skin care products.

Many of these commercial products can even advance the aging process via the toxic, or at least severely damaging,  additives like: water, alcohol, preservatives, stabilizers, colors, emulsifiers, fragrances, bleaches and other ingredients used to carry the advertised effective ingredient creating a thick-ish dull, dry, papery, wrinkle prone layer that will eventually require harsh chemical or surgical intervention.

So, when using these contemporary products regularly, you run the risk of making your skin look older …. not younger!!


Many of these “beauty” chemicals are sold as active ingredients in a cream or lotion, hinting at luxurious moisturizing effects, intended to stay on all day or most of the day.

This is something that happens constantly with most popular modern products …. I’ll never understand it!

A jar of something is sold touting several end results that are completely contrary to each other. For example: half the ingredients listed are for the advertised effect but the other half completely contradict the advertised end result!

You can’t put an acid peel ingredient on your face, combined with a moisturizer or not, and expect moisturized & exfoliated skin. It’s a 2 step process …. and that’s it!!!

How can a moisturizer also be an acid peeler, left on all day,  without damaging skin?


It can only do one or the other effectively …. not both …. 

First, you exfoliate, sometimes you leave it on for a bit,

but NEXT you moisturize the new exposed skin.

It can’t really work any other way!!

This applies to ANY moisturizer that contains an EXTRACT …. organic or otherwise!!!

An extract is active & effective plant matter suspended/extracted with ALCOHOL or GLYCERIN (= glycerol = alcohol).

It is impossible to put alcohol on the skin, even combined with a moisturizer, and expect moisturizing results.

If the product is seems to be working as a moisturizer that means there’s just not enough “extract” for the EXTRACT to be working …. and vice versa!!

Alcohol is severely drying, damaging & killing cells, …. and that’s it!! 

Some organic alcohols can make the skin more porous; it will absorb applied substances better.

But again …. this should be performed in 2 steps. And, there’s many other natural substances, as shown above, that work just as well as alcohol for this purpose.


Have you ever noticed that people who seem to pay the least attention to their skin (including men, generally) seem to have the best complexions? How insulting right??!!

Science has an explanation for this:

Firstly suggesting that conventional skin care wisdom & practices seem to age the skin!

Next suggesting that, even on an organic level, even when using, or over using, only natural foods & oils, the body grows lazy and tolerant of any substance applied regularly.

Over time, the body reduces producing it’s own necessary compounds for the skin because it’s been so regularly manually provided. This causes deep, chronic, gradual “aging”, from the inside out called:

Tolerance & Tachyphylaxis

Suddenly, changing the REAL nutrients available in all our products, every couple months, to make sure the skin is receiving a wide range of alive & bio-available nutrients becomes VERY important too!!

The research is suggesting that regular cleansing (non-foaming/not soap), stimulation (massage) and mild exfoliation (see natural ingredients above) & sun protection is far more critical to delaying the ageing process than the daily habit of moisturizing and/or intermittent dermatologist/spa treatments!!

So, again, the regularity of an exfoliating & cleansing routine becomes extremely important!!! More important than moisturizing.

Link to Non-Foaming Cleansers

Link to Oil Cleansing

Link to Oil Stimulation & Exfoliation

Head to Toe!!!

I think this works because the “moisturizer” is not really “left on”.

It exchanges natural amounts of “dirty” oil and, after a couple minutes of absorption, excess oil is wiped/blotted off, leaving only just enough behind to signal the body to simply continue to do it’s thing!!!

I know my jars & bottles look too small for any kind of coverage but …. You’d be shocked at the tiniest amount needed when it’s applied to wet skin (preferably a spritz or two of any cleanse & tone product) as intended for cleansing, stimulating & exfoliating!!

My skin is clean, congestion free, protected from the elements ….

AND NEVER DRY!! Even in winter and air conditioned climates! 

In cold conditions firstly: I do nothing for at least 2 days. I feel it’s important for the skin to naturally adjust to the new environment.

After that, morning & night, I spritz my skin with any cleanse & tone, then, while still damp, cleanse with any Couxcoux Serum or Salve, then add a light layer of any Couxcoux Salve. I also reapply the Salve layer several times a day, gradually decreasing, until I feel my skin is more accustomed to the cooler, dryer environment. 

As a side note I think it’s important to mention that going straight into an oil cleansing routine after years of soaps, alcohols and other stripping cleansers (including just water that’s quite alkaline and stripping for skin) is going to cause some instability or response. Like changing any habit, it will take some time for the skin to adjust. This is what the Cleanse & Tone products are for. Check out the instructions section in each product for more information on the transition.

I’m also constantly changing which Couxcoux Product I’m using to balance available nutrients the best I can. 

I’ll use GLOW until its empty, then switch to SILKY, then switch to SUN, then switch to ALMOND MYRHH and so on!!

You’ll never guess how old I am!!


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