DRUGSTORE DROPOUT on Moisturizers.


…. Does it help?

…. When do I start?

.... How often do I do it?

Most of us are super concerned with hydrating and moisturizing skin to delay symptoms of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and lost elasticity.



In my opinion, while moisturizing & hydrating can be important when introduced at certain ages …..

The key to delayed ageing is EXFOLIATION/STIMULATION & Cleansing!!

Recent studies have shown that, combined with a sensible diet high in vegetables and nutritious fats, the effects of adding natural or synthetic moisturizer to properly EXFOLIATED skin is very nearly a waste of time.

Moisturizers can even advance the ageing process by gradually wetting and adhering layer upon layer of dead skin to the skin surface creating a thick-ish dull, dry, papery, wrinkle prone layer that will require chemical or surgical intervention.

Similar to cleaning your house once a year vs once a week ….

At the end of the dirty year, you have a big job ahead of you that’s probably going to require a professional armed with loads of harsh chemicals.

And so it is with a daily moisturizing habit, especially without properly cleansing, stimulating and exfoliating:

you run the risk of making your skin look older …. not younger!!

But, What about the millions of us who experience chronically dry skin all the time!!


Have you ever noticed that people who seem to pay the least attention to their skin (including men, generally) seem to have the best complexions? How insulting right??!!

Science has an explanation for this; suggesting that even on an organic level, even when using only natural oils & serums, the body grows lazy and tolerant of moisturizer.

Over time, the body reduces producing it’s own necessary compounds for the skin because it’s so regularly manually provided. This causes deep, chronic, gradual drying, from the inside out.

The research is suggesting that cleansing, stimulation/mild exfoliation & protection of skin is far more critical to delaying the ageing process than the daily habit of moisturizing!!

So, suddenly, timing the introduction & regularity of a moisturizing regime becomes extremely important!!!


The next suggestion from scientists is: most moisturizers, often especially the really expensive ones, contain many, many, many ingredients that are: firstly, very drying and secondly, very irritating.

The organic and immune response to these ingredients is:  killing off the offended saturated cells. This causes flaking & sloughing.

Therefore, we’re starting to understand that dry skin, and even sometimes “sensitive” skin (vs delicate skin – like baby skin), is not genetic. We’re not born with dry skin. Dry skin has a cause and effect.

The cause: habitual moisturizing!


Especially for those of us product singular and/or brand loyal, our skin fills up on the few nutrients available in our habitual product of choice – becoming severely deficient in the many nutrients purposefully and accidentally not included.

Even scientists don’t fully understand what nutrients the skin actually needs or when, nor do they understand the complexity of how these nutrients interact with each other to create a balanced complexion so ….

Suddenly, changing the nutrients available in our moisturizers, if we’re still using moisturizer now, every couple months to make sure the skin is recieving a wide range of alive & bio-available nutrients becomes VERY important too!!

Personally, my skin care regime has never been about moisturizing. I guess, back in the day I was too young to truly care about ageing, even though it was in the back of my mind somewhere.

My regime began with make-up remover …. sometimes …. that’s it!!!

Over only a couple years, amoung some pretty severe allergy-like symptoms from various conventional make up removers, removing my make-up naturally become a thing for me.

Since I live on a coconut rich island, coconut oil seemed like the most natural make up remover & cleanser for me, while tipping my hat at some moisturizing as conventional wisdom suggested.

My friends approved of “my look” so much, I started telling them what I was doing …. And Couxcoux was born!!

My “moisturizing” comes from:

Link to Oil Cleansing


Link to Oil Stimulation & Exfoliation

Head to Toe!!!

I think this works because the “moisturizer” is not really “left on”. It’s wiped/blotted off, leaving only enough behind to signal the body to just continue to do it’s thing!!!

I know my jars & bottles look too small for any kind of coverage but …. You’d be shocked at the tiniest amount needed when it’s applied to wet skin as intended for cleansing, stimulating & exfoliating!!

My skin is clean, congestion free, protected from the elements ….

AND NEVER DRY!! Even in winter climates! 

I’m also constantly changing which Couxcoux Product I’m using to balance available nutrients the best I can. 

I’ll use GLOW until its empty, then switch to SILKY and so on!!

You’ll never guess how old I am!!

Thank youx for going Couxcoux Toux

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