Is your DRY skin still breaking out???

Is your OILY skin actually severely dehydrated???

I’ve met sooooo many people who are experiencing the symptoms of dry skin without really “having” dry skin.
I’ve also met sooooo many people who are experiencing severely oily complexion because their skin is DRY!!
I’ve also met sooooo many people with severely DRY skin who are experiencing breakouts usually associated with OILY skin.

LISTEN!!! …..

It’s extremely important to Exfoliate!!

It’s also extremely important to Cleanse!!
If you use Couxcoux Products …… that’s it!!!
The next bit is a little more difficult.

The causes of dry, oily or combination skin are advertised to be HUGE!!! Lifestyle, food, sleep, environment, weather …. and on and on and on ….

But, really, does matter???

What IF the start of the solution is always the same???
Firstly, The product Used.

I’m sorry to keep burning the already burnt bush but ….. if your products are even just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit irritating …. you’re going to have a gradually escalating problem.
Most skin issues are related to: irritating (chemical/toxin/synthetic)ingredients …. be assured that anything synthetic will be at least mildly irritating! That doesn’t mean that organic or natural ingredients are not sometimes irritating. It means the risk is incredibly reduced when natural ingredients are used.

Also within this Product category is SOAP!! Or any cleansing agent that involves soap like ingredients or alcohol like ingredients.

Be aware that these two ingredient groups are OFTEN added to contemporary moisturizers as well as Cleansers.

There is literally nothing more ruinous to skin. They cause extreme stripping and dehydration along with dis-regulation of oil & water sent to the surface of skin (oily skin gets oilier and dry skin gets drier) and disruption of necessary natural probiotic ratio of the micro-biome.

Secondly, Skin Type

Using the wrong product (a blend that’s not right for your skin type) especially if that product is even slightly irritating  ….. full stop!!

Most women are convinced they have wrinkles or sagging because their skin is DRY. Most women, even aging women, do NOT have DRY skin.

Skin wrinkles and sags because of gravity and facial habits. Many experience dry skin because of drying moisturizers applied to un-exfoliated skin.

Most conventional moisturizing products, anti-aging or otherwise, expensive or cheap, contain water with tiny amounts of refined or synthetic oil and a great deal of chemical preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers. The water in the product drys out skin further, there’s not enough oil to occlude or hydrate and the chemicals irritate.

When natural oils are applied to damp or wet skin, after an organic cleansing (preferably with an organic exfoliating astringent or hydrating exfoliator), 90% of “skin care” problems, that can be addressed by skin care products, will go away all by itself.

Cleanse morning & night with my Cleanse & Tone, hydrate/moisturize damp skin with my serum or salve, and exfoliate at least twice a week.


Try my moisturizing, exfoliating cleansing, makeup remover, the Couxcoux 3-WAY collection, for your evening routine and get that night time chore out of the way fast, in one simple step.

For some added benefit throw in a Couxcoux Scrub once a week. Coffee, salt & sugar with super hydrating oils for the ultimate detoxified, hydrated and radiant complexion.
Adding this simple routine for 2 weeks will eliminate tight, hard, shiny patches, the flakes & scales will soften, and your zits & blackheads will be gone, along with those T-zones and large pores.

There’s a bunch of pretty important lifestyle issues that do complicate skin care issues and that don’t help in our desire for always radiant skin (like diet, sleep, stress, etc.) but ….

when we focus on topical, or skin applied, problems ….. there’s only 2 ….

The Product and Your Skin Type.


If you can’t pronounce it …. if you can’t eat it …. DON’T wear it!

and check out our video: “Whats My Skin Type?


Thank Youx for going Couxcoux Toux!