One of the most confusing skin care topics is: the difference between hydration and moisture. Dehydrated skin lacks water and therefore needs to be hydrated. Dry skin lacks oil and needs to be moisturized. …

Dry skin that is hydrated but not moisturized will still flake and have a rough texture.

Dry and dehydrated skin, while often associated with toxin/ingredient sensitivity (ingested or applied) or lifestyle based issues (including awareness dehydrating ingredients in conventional moisturizers), can have a giant range of possible causes or combination of causes. 

Again ….

DRY skin lacks oil.

DEHYDRATED skin lacks water.

Even so …. no matter the lacking nutrient & no matter how this came about: ….
the basic first step, or the “CURE”, is often the same.
Because this “cure” is often the same, regardless the condition, many of us, including advertisers and professionals, often use the terms “moisturize (add oil)” and “hydrate (retain/occlusion of, &/or add, water)” interchangeably.
So, it makes sense there’s some confusion.
I don’t believe it’s really necessary to differentiate the two because, when using Couxcoux oil based products, both “cures” are achieved simply through the natural properties of our base ingredients during proper application.


Necessary water for hydrated, nourished looking skin comes almost exclusively from within the skin. It is a myth that “water” applied to the skin can absorb.
Unfortunately, most applied water, whether splashed on, soaked in, or found chemically emulsified into a pump bottle lotion or jarred cream, will absorb in only tiny amounts but then evaporate very quickly leaving skin dryer than before.
Additionally, water is quite alkaline (pH 7 or 8) compared to the skin (pH 4 or 5), so it forces skin to work hard (overworked skin) to reestablish normal pH levels.


Oil on the other hand, will absorb very nicely IF it’s needed and IF it can ….
AND keep needed water inside (occlude/retain water) where it belongs!
It is a myth that adding oil to skin, even oily skin, will create a messy, congested, blotchy complexion.
The best way to clean & remove dirt, grime, makeup and excess oil is with OIL!!!
The skin can not be over-saturated with APPLIED oil. It can be congested (suffocated) by a very shiny, thick, oily layer left on skin for quite a while. But, over saturation of oil also comes from within.
Even so …. we can clean and remove excess congesting oil by adding oil and then wiping it firmly away.
There is an initial problem for DRY and DEHYDRATED skin to absorb anything though.
Just like how a damp cloth will clean up a spill better than a completely dry cloth, getting the skin started on absorbing, especially once it’s Dry or Dehydrated, can take some time and persistence regardless what product is used.

These 3 simple steps will prevent and reduce most symptoms of:


Unfortunately, regularly skipping even one of these steps can lead to a broad host of eventual skin complaints!
Additionally, I do suggest an investigation into the severely dehydrating nature of many ingredients added conventional creams and lotions (see our “Chemicals to Avoid” post), as well as speaking will an allergist or nutritionist, for especially young people experiencing usual or chronically dry skin after adopting the following routines.


Often, the #1 cause of DRY & DEHYDRATED looking skin.
Dead skin will clog pores and suffocate fresh new skin while robbing this new skin of available nutrients, oil & water! The skin always sends these substances to the area that needs them most …. and that’s usually the layer of dead, or nearly dead, skin at the top …. if there is one!
So .… exfoliate!!!
Using Couxcoux 3-Way is super simple, super fast, and super effective.
Our 3-WAY products remove makeup while hydrating, moisturizing, exfoliating and cleansing ….All in 1 easy step!!
3-Way gently exposes new, fresh, clean skin and creates a light occlusive hydrating & moisturizing barrier to protect it especially when used nightly.


Often, the #2 cause of DRY & DEHYDRATED looking skin.
Cleanse with our food based, lightly exfoliating, pH balancing, nutrient rich, mildly astringent Couxcoux Cleanse & Tone.
Cleanse & Tone is a pure yet gentle cleanser that focuses on debris removal without completely stripping or damaging the skin’s delicately balanced micro-biome.


Often, moisturizer can alleviate DRY & DEHYDRATED appearance, …. but only in the short term as it does not really address “cause”!!
Especially in people under 50.
Outside a medical or environmental issue, chronically hydrating un-exfoliated skin will, quite simply, over time, make skin appear DRY or DEHYDRATED by packing dead tissue into a tough, crinkled, dry looking, firm layer (leathery skin). This is very difficult to remove without surgical intervention.
Chronically dry & dehydrated appearance, especially in younger people,  almost always involves something else going on. Whether an ingested or topical sensitivity, lifestyle issue (including over washing), or persistent and difficult environment/weather, moisturizing/hydrating skin can alleviate some symptoms but further investigation of base causes is always suggested.
Using with a Couxcoux Salve or Serum, applied to slightly, DAMP OR WET, EXFOLIATED skin is definitely a winning combination!!
Our highly concentrated, oil based salves & serums are high in antioxidants, nutrients and necessary fatty acids required to protect, smooth & soften skin while creating an effective barrier against dehydrating cold, heat, sun, wind, air pollution, and especially here, on Cayman, …. air conditioning!

Thank Youx for going Couxcoux Toux!!

Talk soon