The Couxcoux “HOW TOUX”:

Applying chemical free, alcohol free, toxin free, soap free cleansers & facial or body oils is very similar to conventional cleansing & moisturizing routines.

All the following processes apply to body parts as well as the face. The shins, thighs, forearms, upper arms, hands and feet (but oil is slippery … wear socks or slippers or don’t walk around immediately afterwards).



Even with all natural skin care, all that you “do”, can create tolerance in the skin. This is why it’s important to implement skin care routines that are “age appropriate” and “gradual”, AND …. when you get to a “certain age”: add a more intense application routine with changing ingredients about once a month to avoid tolerance. This speeds up regeneration of damage keeping you as fresh and as youthful as possible.


13 to 35

So ….If you’re between 13 and 35, maybe 40 to 45 even, you’ll probably need “THE METHOD” (below) only once a day.

For Oily & Combination skin, I suggest “THE METHOD” at night only.

When we add cleansing and moisturizing AT NIGHT we are trying to convince the body that: we have enough Oil on our skin …. we don’t need it to produce a lot more. This is why washing too much can create Oilier skin and Acne, instead of less!!! The less Oil the body senses on the skin, usually overnight, the more it will make.

So …. if you’re having a problem with too much OIL, add OIL!!

In the morning …. just rinse and towel dry. There is NOTHING better for your skin than the oils your own body produces just for you. Let them work for you. They are NOT “dirty” or, at least, the “dirt” isn’t “stuck” to you. A simple rinse is all you need to begin your day.

BUT!!! If you have ACNE: apply the SOS Cleanse & Tone Spray at least morning & night to start …. with NO moisturizer (serum, salve or 3-WAY).  Add 2 to 4 additional Cleanse & Tones applications a day if needed. Your only job with ACNE is to get the oil OFF with our Cleanse & Tone spray!!

DRY Skin is a rare thing at this age but, if so, I suggest “THE METHOD” in the morning only.

When we cleanse and moisturize in the morning, leaving the face somewhat dry at night, we are trying to signal the body to make MORE of it’s own OIL, hence clarifying dry skin gradually from the inside out. If you need to remove makeup at night go ahead and use your SILKY serum or LazyFast to do that but, cleanse your face afterwards with the Silky Cleanse & Tone spray.

BUT!!!! Generally, younger people experiencing dry skin is SUPER uncommon UNLESS: something else is going on. You’ll need to do some investigating. Most likely: you’re experiencing a reaction to synthetic skin care products or processed food or household/laundry cleaner.

See our Chemicals are Dangerous post that addresses some reasons for irritated, sensitive, dry skin and other , often chronic, illness!


~35 or 40 to ….

YES!!! it is possible to have Normal, Oily, Combination &/or DRY skin as you age. Just because you have wrinkles does NOT mean your skin is DRY ….  Don’t ignore your skin type just because you’re older.

BUT …. this is around the time to start stepping it up. So, for all maturing skin types, I suggest a “THE METHOD” (below) morning & night.  At first, hold the morning & night schedule to twice a week, then after a while: three time a week, and so on.

AND … about once a month, or when your current Serum bottle is empty …. switch products!!

For example: if you are using Glow Cleanse & Tone with Glow Serum and/or 3-way right now, and your skin is a bit more Oily than Dry, switch to the SOS products until they are empty. Then back to Glow for a month. Then if you find your skin is a little more DRY than OILY: Switch to the SILKY products for a month …. etc.

Same goes if you have DRY skin and are use SILKY products, but you’ll be switching to SUN products, then back to SILKY.

So …. YES!!! Couxoux skin care ingredients for EACH skin type ARE enough to slow down the aging process, when coupled with the above routine changes, and especially when managed with healthier lifestyle changes like switching to chemical free whole food or organic food.

Sometimes when we switch back and forth we experience a little congestion but, if our bodies are truly “ready” (aging: ie – seeking additional/different nutrients) this shouldn’t happen or will last only a couple days.

IF you are experiencing ACNE (insult to injury in this age category …. sorry) you need to know that skin will break out if it’s OILY or DRY. So …. be sure. Then use the appropriate Couxcoux products for your skin type!!

Discover your SKIN TYPE here.




First: Get wet ….

Warm water softens skin, loosens dirt & grime, melts hardened oils & opens pores. So ….splash, rinse or soak. And … this is the point where you can start thinking about the quality of your tap water. Especially regarding harsh, toxic floride and chlorine.

After splashing, showering, rinsing or soaking “your day” can be more easily wiped away without tugging and pulling on tissues.

Second: Cleanse ….

(read on or WATCH this video)

Using our “no soap” method is exactly the same as using expensive alcohol based facial cleansers or soap. Except, unlike soap or foaming washes, you want your skin damp or moist …. not dripping wet.

Spray: Spray Couxcoux Cleanse & Tone for your skin type liberally, directly on the face and rub in for 90 seconds. This process is easiest for those with acne that are applying Cleanse & Tone multiple times a day. You can also liberally spray your palms, then pat Cleanse & Tone onto the face to avoid smearing eye makeup. Then wipe away excess with a dry cloth leaving skin slightly damp.


WIPE: Spray Couxcoux Cleanse & Tone liberally onto a disposable or washable makeup wipe and stroke face upwards and outwards. Repeat as necessary depending on how dirty the wipe gets and if your wipe stays together. I love to see the dirt come off onto the wipe:):)!!

If you’ve wiped the skin too dry just apply a thin mist of Cleanse & Tone over the face and continue to moisturizing.

Third: Moisturize ….

TO REMOVE MAKEUP: By using any moisturizing method below “twice” you can easily remove all makeup with any Couxcoux Serum. You do not need a special makeup removing product ….

although …. we make some. Check out our LazyFast Collection :):).

Anyway, the first application of serum will remove makeup , second application will moisturize, cleanse and remove further makeup.

(read on or WATCH this video)

Add 3 to 4 drops of serum to the palm of your hand. Use a fingertip to “spot” moisturize an area. Repeat this process until all desired areas have received serum. Repeat again if removing makeup.


Add 3 to 4 drops of serum to one palm, rub palms together and apply to the entire face at once and massage, in little expanding circles, for 90 seconds. This method is easiest, if not super delicate or pretty, and works best giving you a chance to really massage the nutrient rich serum into all the tissues stimulating oxygen fresh blood flow to damaged areas that really encourages repair and detox. Repeat this process, if necessary, if removing makeup.


Add 6 to 9 drops of serum to a disposable or washable makeup wipe and stroke entire face in circles and upward to outward. Again, I love this process as the wipe STILL gets dirty so you can see how Couxcoux Serums continue to cleanse while moisturizing and nourishing by releasing further trapped particles. Repeat this process, if necessary, if removing makeup.


If you have very dry skin or live in a harsh, dry or cold environment NOW is the time to apply a second layer of hydration and protection.

Using the any method above, apply a thin coat of Couxcoux Salve for your skin type, on top of the serum you just applied. The vegan candelilla wax thickens and emulsifies to protect and continually hydrate the surface of the skin for several hours. This second coat with Couxcoux Salve is especially useful for dry, stubborn, crepey areas on the face and body.

Do Not use this Additional Hydration step if:

you are outside and sweating in a hot, humid or tropical climate (simply do “the method” again when you’re ready to wash up) or if you intend to apply full face foundation makeup and/or powder. Applying this extra layer may not give skin enough sweat/breathing space and can cause congestion under either of these circumstances.


We suggest that you exfoliate at least once a week. For that purpose we have a special line of products that are intended for that day….  INSTEAD of your usual, everyday SERUM (avoid eye area).

 Use any application style above with our special 3-Way products for your skin type and experience exfoliation and cleansing and moisturizing all in ONE SIMPLE STEP.

Check out our Exfoliation Video.

I’m afraid that, just like commercial vs organic peanut butter, only synthetic, often toxic, stabilizers can be used to prevent beautiful, natural oils from separating. When the 3-Way products are brand new they will be separated.  With the FIRST USE ONLY, you may need to stir it well with something like a skewer. Each time after that, just shake it vigorously prior to application. So …. just stir it or shake it …. simple, safe, effective!!!

Also, only synthetic, refined, often toxic, Coconut Oil will always be a liquid. Natural Coconut Oil is a liquid when it’s warm and a solid when it’s cold.

Check out our “LIQUID or SOLID” video.


After 90 seconds of massage the skin will have absorbed about all the nutrients and Serum it can.

Now is the point where you examine yourself and wipe away any excess oil with a dry cloth. Applying too much serum or excess un-needed serum on t-zones will still be sit on the surface of the skin. This excess serum can cause congestion and looks shiny so …. simply wipe it away.

Ta Da!!! a beautiful, soft, clean, radiant you has arrived …. Go ahead …. touch it!! Incredible right!!??

Check out our Body Scrub Video to experience the same effects all over!!

Super safe, super simple, super sustainable …. super effective.

Thank you for going Couxcoux Toux!