Local Coconut Oil magnified and directed to specific skin problems with high quality, natural to organic, powerhouse essential oils, carrier oils & select local ingredients.

Couxcoux Oil, with 100% Natural, Handmade, Hand Bottled, Local Cayman Coconut Oil, distributes a range of skin care and personal hygiene products for men, women, and teens. No chemicals, no toxins and no preservatives. Direct from our very own mother earth.

Couxcoux Face & Body:

Each of our four (4) skin care collections includes the following product types:

  • Cleanse & Tone Sprays: Apple cider vinegar based: pH balancing, detoxifying, non-stripping, lightly moisturizing, cleanser & toner that feeds and nourishes skin as it cleans. A soap or foaming wash replacement for the face and body, including underarms, hands, feet & private areas, in the bathroom and shower. Experience a clean, even, radiant tone WITH sanitizing antibacterial, anti-viral, & anti-fungal action
  • Oil SERUMS: Couxcoux Coconut oil with the intense, individualized properties of our essential oil blends specialized per skin type offers superior cleansing and hydration with directed antioxidants, fatty acids, fat lipids, vitamins & minerals leaving skin incredibly soft, smooth, clear, clean & nourished. SPF 8.
  • Oil SALVES: Couxcoux Oil Serum blends combined with organic, vegan, candelilla wax: the same intense properties of our Oil Serums in a familiar Salve/lotion. SPF 8.
  • 3-WAY (face): Couxcoux Oil Serum blends and pure, naturally sourced baking soda create nature’s perfect, gentle cleanser and exfoliator with all the fantastic properties of our Oil Serum blends including SPF values (8). This product does triple duty as a one-step moisturizer, cleanser, and exfoliator.
  • Scrub (body): a total body cleansing, moisturizing, detoxifying and exfoliating scrub. Couxcoux Serum blends combined with organic salt, cane sugar, coffee, turmeric, and citrus juices for fresh, fragrant, stimulated yet relaxed, skin. Replace your soap with cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating Couxcoux Scrubs in the shower and you’ll never buy body wash or body lotion again …. you won’t need it.


SILKY Collection

For Dry Skin & Maturing Appearance:

Local Couxcoux Coconut Oil with Frankincense, Myrrh, Rosehip and Patchouli essential oils.

Naturally fragrant, antioxidant, astringent, cytophylactic and cicatrisant combined – reducing fine lines, creases, wrinkles, scars, white spots and dark spots while improving elasticity, firmness, tone and youthful radiance. Chronic dryness makes skin appear more mature than it is. Curb this affect with fragrant, elegant, silky products.

SPF 8 is excellent for your “regular day” sun protection while still allowing a little nutritious sunlight to penetrate; going from home, to office, to school, to shops, to lunch, to dinner.


SOS Collection

For Oily Skin & Acne

Local Couxcoux Coconut Oil, organic castor and hemp carrier oil, with tea tree and frankincense essential oil.

Obliterate blemishes, tame excess oil production, curb congestion, redness, infection, irritation and inflammation while balancing pH and reducing the appearance of scarring and dark spots.

Most commonly, these natural imbalances are caused by hormonal changes and dietary issues in teens. But anyone experiencing a sudden burst of oily skin and/or blemishes is likely suffering a similar imbalance and would benefit from use of this all natural product. SPF 8 is excellent for a “regular day’s” protection while still allowing a little nutritious sunlight to penetrate; going from home, to office, to shops, to lunch.


GLOW Collection

For Normal & Combination Skin:

Local Couxcoux Coconut Oil, organic castor carrier oil with Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils. Specially blended for oily T-zones with normal skin to dry patches.

Experience a cool, refreshing fragrance while balancing pH, reversing dilution or evaporation of natural oils & water; merging balance and harmony at conflicting oily and dry zones while reducing the effects of daily aging and damage.

SPF 8 is excellent for a “regular day’s” protection while still allowing a little vitamin rich sunlight to penetrate; from home, to office, to school, to shops, to lunch, to dinner ….. perfect.


SUN Collection:

For Aging Skin & Damaged Skin:

Local Couxcoux Coconut Oil with raspberry seed, carrot seed and peppermint essential oils. Intended for skin damaged from aging, injury & environmental exposure.

Experience faster regeneration and healing of the appearance of damaged and aging skin. Relieve the appearance of wrinkles and crepey skin along with flaking, peeling, redness, and inflammation from sun, wind, allergens, toxins, insects and other damaging exposures. Reduce uneven tone and dull, flat effects. Improve firmness and sagging.

UVB~35-40 & UVA 8 is excellent, even for those experiencing sun damage, for a “regular day’s” protection while still allowing a little vitamin rich sunlight to penetrate; it’s important to establish balance between sun exposure and necessary sun-light rich vitamin absorption.

CAYMAN Collection
: only on Cayman.


A fantastic, all natural, chemical free, general moisturizer for all skin types infusing the generous healing properties of Local Moringa with Local Couxcoux Coconut Oil.


PURIFY: for Oily skin: detoxify skin with a 100% natural, bentonite clay facial mask blended with Local Kombucha Vinegar and organic apple cider vinegar.  Reduce oily build up, blackheads, whiteheads, rough texture and dull & shiny appearance. Experience a path to fresh, youthful, clear, clean and glowing skin.

HYDRATE: for Dry skin: Coconut Oil infused with Local Moringa and 100% natural bentonite clay detoxifies and purifies while intensely nourishing & moisturizing skin. Curb dull tone, rough texture, blotchy appearance, fine lines and wrinkles with this intense hydrator and experience smooth, radiant, rejuvenated skin.

Apply each mask for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse purify off with warm water. Wipe hydrate off with a disposable or dark cloth, then rinse with warm water.

PERSONAL CARE & GROOMING: for women, men, teens and children

Couxcoux Coconut Oil replaces your most common personal care products with all natural, chemical free, super safe, super simple, super effective alternatives.

Our deodorant reduces perspiration and odor with a light, antibacterial tea tree oil fragrance. Our toothpaste fights cavities and odor causing bacteria with a familiar, fresh peppermint scent. Combine this all natural toothpaste with our Super White Tooth Powder to whiten and re-mineralize teeth naturally, without harsh chemicals or abrasives. Try our chemical free, beautifully fragrant, Shave Salve. Appropriate for facial hair and body hair to intensely moisturize and nourish skin while reducing shaving nicks, cuts, inflammation and irritation.

Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents in your Hair Care routine too. Try our “No Poux” shampoo alternative with naturally sourced soda and the perfect balance of  lavender and sage. A fragrance for both men and women. Balance pH of the scalp and hair shaft with our Clarify Spray to avoid grey strands, dandruff, itch and hair loss. Condition, moisturize and style the hair with our Couxcoux Coconut Oil conditioner reducing unruly frizz, tangles, split ends and fly away strands. “Soon come mon”: Couxcoux beard wax, Couxcoux styling wax, and Couxcoux Flax Gel.

SWAT Insect Repellent:

SWAT OIL Repellent (2oz): with beautifully fragrant essential oils intended for long term insect protection. Oil should remain effective for ~4 hours in dry conditions. As SWAT oil gradually wears, another layer of SWAT oil repellent can be applied, or the repellent fragrance can be “boosted” with an application of SWAT water based repellent spray. SWAT’s properties include: general moisturizing and anti-aging for both oily and dry skin.

SWAT SPRAY Repellent (4oz): organic Apple Cider Vinegar with couxcoux coconut oil and essential oils is intended for light or short term insect exposure or, as a “boost”, second layer application, to freshen SWAT OIL repellent. A lovely fragrance that’s safe for direct application to clothing, bedding and furniture with no staining.


Salve Sample Size:                          



Sunscreen:   SPF 20 or 25 with non-nano zinc



Couxcoux Coconut Flour:

Couxcoux Coconut flour is high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. It is free from wheat and all likely allergens. It is also low in sugar, digestible carbohydrates and calories, earning it a low score on the glycemic index.

Since coconut flour has an extremely mild coconut flavor and aroma, it’s becoming a popular favorite for all baked fried items including breading or dredging meat and vegetables.

Because of it’s high fat and protein to carbohydrates ratio it’s fast becoming a popular, healthy additive to athletic or weight loss diets including as an additive to shakes/smoothies and whipped coffees.

It’s a new, but very healthy and approved, food source on the Paleo menu, Ketogenics menu, Atkins menu, General weight loss menus, Gluten free menu (including those with Celiac Disease), and for those people with digestive problems like IBS, crohn’s disease, leaky gut syndrome, for anyone with any wheat, nut, yeast, candida or dairy allergy, as well as anyone with sugar issues (diabetic or hypoglycemic), heart issues, cholesterol issues, plus cultural or religious ideals like kosher, vegetarian, vegan, organic, whole food, non-GMO and just about everyone else in between.

Couxcoux Coconut flour is made from dehydrated, ground coconut meat. That’s it!!!

No additives, thickeners, stabilizers, preservatives, anti-cakers, or bleaches …. just coconut …. nothing else.

Couxcoux Coconut Flour is available in a 13 oz bag (about 3 compressed cups or 6 fluffy cups) and a 6.5 oz bag packaged with a cute, raw, local coconut shell cup.

Both these items wholesale for $4.50. We do offer bakeries and individual customers bulk flour at $4.00 per pound.


Coconut Accessory Item:

Hand Crafted, Hand Painted, Raw Coconut Shell Necklaces.


Elegant Raw Coconut Shell Necklaces & Earrings on organic waxed hemp & sterling silver.

Raw, Coconut Shell Containers, Candles & Cups.

Cups are :waterproof, washable & even used oven to plate for baking and savory dishes.


Couxcoux Oil Gifts: Special Event Planning

Moisturizing Morsels, Lotion Tarts & Wax Melt Tarts

Couxcoux Coconut Oil with vegan Candelilla wax in specialty shapes. Wholesale ~ $3 to $5.00. Hand crafted firm enough to withstand approximately 80 degrees while maintaining it’s cute shape.

Product can be unwrapped and left out in an open dish or melt burner, exposed to air, for weeks without loss of integrity except a light dust layer if not used regularly. This dust can be removed gently, without damaging shapes, by wiping exposed surface with any liquid oil.

Couxcoux Oil Labels:


All products, except special order and special event items, have a UPC code. This label area also contains simple product instructions, restrictions and warnings, and contact information per FDA labeling requirements.


Purposefully, Couxcoux ingredients are listed in plain english and in the required scientific name. We want our customers to know EXACTLY what’s in their choosen products.

Product Testing:

Random batches of Couxcoux Cayman Coconut oil are analyzed for counts of Gram positive – Gram negative, Total Plate Count, Yeast and Mold counts. Specifically: Moisture & Volatile Matter Salmonella, Free Fatty Acid E. Coli, Color Aerobic Plate Count, Peroxide Value Coliform Count, Iodine Value Molds & Yeasts Count, Staphylococcus. Our oil does conform to APCC standards for topical application.


All other ingredients in Couxcoux Oil products, purchased direct in sealed containers, conform to their manufacturer food grade standards, required by their country of origin, and have been individually certified for compliance.


Sanitized Process:


All utensils used to create Couxcoux Coconut Oil products are, quite literally, sterilized in coconut oil and/or natural sterilizing citrus or vinegar solution, including the raw nut.

Coconut Oil has been scientifically proven to kill and neutralize many bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites potentially harmful to humans.

Lauric acid (medium chain fatty acids) and the high content of phenolic derivatives present in coconut oil are key. They are most effective against lipid coated microorganisms like: E coli, mycobacterium turberculosis, enterococcus faecium, candida, systemic candida and many more including a number of invasive fungi.

It is now clear, and scientifically validated, that coconut oil: taken internally, applied topically, or used as a cleaning solution in a residential setting can be used to resist, prevent, and heal many potentially deadly invasive organisms especially in our current resistant bacteria environment.

Chlamydia Periodontitis, Genital infections, Conjunctivitis, Parrot fever pneumonia
Staphylococcus Staph infection, Urinary tract infection, Food poisoning
Helicobacter pyloris Stomach ulcers
Streptococcus Pneumonia, Sinusitis, Throat infections, Dental cavities, Rheumatic fever
Gram-positive organisms Gastroenteritis, Tetanus, Anthrax
Neisseria Gonorrhea, Meningitis, Pelvic inflammatory disease


Tamper Resistant Packaging:

Couxcoux Oil bottles and jars are sealed to prevent leaking and tampering during storage and shelving assuring customers of a fresh product.  Couxcoux Oil sprays have a visible exterior instruction label assuring tamper resisitance.