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Everyone needs to CLEANSE:

CLEANSE & TONE Sprays: Organic Apple cider vinegar based: pH balancing, detoxifying, non-stripping, lightly moisturizing, cleansing & toning that feeds and nourishes skin as it cleans. A soap or foaming wash replacement for the face and body, including underarms, hands, feet & private areas, at the makeup table AND and after the shower. Use twice a day, morning and night for thoroughly clean, even, radiant tone WITH sanitizing antibacterial, anti-viral, & anti-fungal action.

Moisturizing OPTIONS that continue to cleanse:

Oil SERUMS (face): Couxcoux Coconut oil with the intense, individualized properties of our essential oil blends specialized per skin type offers superior cleansing and hydration with directed antioxidants, fatty acids, fat lipids, vitamins & minerals leaving skin incredibly soft, smooth, clear, clean & nourished with SPF 8. Use after Cleanse & Tone as needed for normal skin, night for OILY skin, morning for DRY skin, and morning & night for damaged and aging skin.

Oil SALVES (body): Couxcoux Oil Serum blends combined with organic, vegan, candelilla wax: the same intense properties of our Oil Serums in a familiar Salve/lotion. SPF 8. While Salves are best for body moisturizing they can be great for facial moisturizing too. If you live in a harsh, dry, cold climate use a Couxcoux Salve, after a facial serum, for added protection from the environment. People with Oily or Combination skin should not use Salve as a facial moisturizer. It is too heavy and will congest the skin.

ALL IN ONE!!! EXFOLIATE while cleansing & moisturizing:

3-WAY (face): Couxcoux Oil Serum blends and pure, naturally sourced baking soda create nature’s perfect, gentle cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator with all the fantastic properties of our Oil Serum blends including SPF values (8). This product does triple duty as a one-step moisturizer, cleanser, and exfoliator. If you are using a serum every day to moisturize, and even though 3-WAY is safe to use every day, just swap out one or two applications of Serum per week with the 3-WAY for your skin type to get the exfoliation your skin needs. So …. once or twice a week …. no serum, 3-WAY instead.

SCRUB (body): a total body cleansing, moisturizing, detoxifying and exfoliating scrub. Couxcoux Serum blends combined with organic salt, cane sugar, coffee, turmeric, and citrus juices for fresh, fragrant, stimulated yet relaxed, skin. Replace your soap and body wash with cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating Couxcoux Scrubs in the shower and you’ll never buy body soap, body wash or body lotion again …. you won’t need it.

Thank Youx for going Couxcoux Toux!!!